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Ageas Protect Life Insurance

Ageas Protect Life InsuranceAgeas Protect (Formerly Fortis Life) is the personal protection arm of Ageas in the UK. Ageas Protect offers award winning life insurance and living benefits products in the UK and Channel Islands.

Ageas Protect Your Life Plan

This flexible insurance plan allows you to combine several covers to create a policy that is just right for you. YourLife Plan offers Term Assurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Family Income Benefit and Income Protection.

Ageas Protect Low Start

Low Start provides Term Assurance and Critical Illness Term Assurance covers at lower initial cost as compared to YourLife Plan - allowing you to obtain a level of protection that might have been unaffordable. Premiums will start to rise each year, however the rate of increase is guaranteed at onset of the plan.

Ageas Real Life Cover

Real Life Cover plan combines life insurance, income protection and limited critical illness cover in one plan. This policy protects you from things and conditions that are most likely to affect your ability to earn a living or care for your family. Learn More.

We work with leading UK insurers and as a result have access to a full line of Life Insurance products. Our FSA authorized whole of market brokers are able to assess your needs and offer competitive rates and professional advice. By using our free services you can find the right plan at a price you can afford. Complete our quick quote form to get started.

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