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Santander Life Insurance

Santander InsuranceSantander offers a full line of life insurance and living benefits products to ensure your family is financially secure and your mortgage is protected.

All plans are provided by Aviva and are brought in association with Santander who offers Aviva life insurance plans.

Santander Level Cover

This plan has a fixed death benefit that stays the same during the life of the policy. Learn More.

Santander Mortgage Decreasing Cover

This plan has a reducing death benefit that decreases by a fixed monthly interest rate broadly in line with the balance of your mortgage. Learn More.

Santander Family Decreasing Cover

This cover is used to protect your loved ones by providing a cash benefit that could be used to cover future expenditure. The death benefit decreases by a fixed amount specified in your policy. Learn More.

Santander Life and Critical Illness Insurance

This plan provides comprehensive protection should you be diagnosed with a critical illness or pass away within the term of the plan. Learn More.

Santander Guaranteed Over 50 Plan

Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is an easy and affordable way to help your loved ones with final expenses or just to leave them some money as a final gift. Learn More.

We work with leading UK insurers and as a result have access to a full line of Life Insurance products. Our FSA authorized whole of market brokers are able to assess your needs and offer competitive rates and professional advice. By using our free services you can find the right plan at a price you can afford. Complete our quick quote form to get started.

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