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Tesco Bank Life Insurance

Tesco Bank InsuranceTesco Bank offers simple to set up and easy to understand life insurance plans to give you a peace of mind knowing your family is financially secure.

Tesco Bank Level Cover

Your death benefit is paid if you pass away during your chosen term. The money can be used to cover your interest only mortgage, living expenses as well as help maintain your family's quality of life.

The cover and your premiums stay the same during the life of the policy. The terminal illness benefit of this plan will ensure your family will receive a lump sum following the diagnosis. Joint coverage is also available.

Tesco Bank Decreasing Cover

This plan can be an affordable way to repay your repayment mortgage or loan in case you pass away. The cover reduces over time roughly at the same rate as the balance of your repayment mortgage.

Terminal illness benefit is also included in this plan and will provide an early payout if you are diagnosed with an incurable condition. Joint or single policies are available.

Tesco Bank New Parent Free Life Cover

Tesco Bank offers this free plan to new parents to start them thinking about their protection needs to ensure their family is financially secure. This plan provides £10,000 of life cover until your child's first birthday. The application can be done by both parents.

Tesco Bank Over 50s Plan

This plan is an affordable way to help your loved ones deal with funeral expenses and other final costs. Learn More.

Tesco Bank Life & Critical Illness Cover

Tesco Bank offers Critical Illness cover as an addition to your life insurance plan. Learn More.

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